Massage therapy
Our qualified massage technicians know how to move the layers of your muscle and connective tissues to help. With a variety of techniques, we can help enhance your motor function, assist with recovery, and leave you feeling your best.
Accident rehabilitation
Car accidents can lead to painful aftereffects and a range of complicated injuries that can be hard to identify. We work to accurately diagnose these ailments and find a rehabilitation plan that works for you.
Sports injury rehabilitation
Sports injuries come in a range of forms. This includes chronic, acute, and ongoing. Our team works to get to the sources of the problems to alleviate tough aches and pains.
Treatments for chronic
Chronic pain refers to pain that does not respond to the typical or common medical treatment.
Workplace Injury
We are here to help you recover after a workplace injury or illness. WSIB pays for all approved health care costs related to your claim, even if you have not missed time at work and even if you have insurance coverage. 

The most common WSIB injuries we come across:
Neck and back injury
Shoulder injury
Muscle tear, bursitis and tendonitis injury
Knee injuries
Ankle sprains
TMJ dysfunctions
Headaches and head related injuries
Work-related motor vehicle accidents
Elbow injuries
Wrist injuries
Carpal tunnel syndromes
Strains and sprains
Hip injury

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Physiotherapy is a therapeutic health profession concerned with improving the way you move, and by extension enhancing your quality of life.
It has been recognized through history that sun and light energy have beneficial effects on the human body. MedXTM Health has developed innovative techniques and devices which harness these positive light elements and offer you an effective, rapid, drug-free, non-invasive healing solution.

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