At Parliament Physio Clinic, we are a collection of health care professionals dedicated to helping our patients reach their physical best. For each of our patients, we create a comprehensive program designed and customized to fulfill your needs to help your heal.

We specialize in:

  • Sports injuries
  • Workplace injuries
  • Rehabilitation after a traffic accidents
  • Physical rehabilitation after surgery
  • Chronic pain

Mission Statement

Our goal at Parliament Physio Clinic is to ensure that the highest quality of care and exceptional service is provided for every patient. With our diverse and experienced team of healthcare workers, we approach every case from multiple perspectives to come up with the solution that works best for our patients.

Each member of our staff is fully dedicated to helping the patients achieve their best physically. We take pride in what we do and in providing the best possible care. That includes staying up-to-date in both types of equipment as well as practices. All of this comes together to ensure that you are provided with excellent care and personalized service.

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403 Parliament St,
Toronto, ON M5A 3A1


Monday - Friday
9AM - 6PM
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+1 (416) 274-7979


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