Sourav Pal, Physiotherapist (He/Him)

Pal has been practicing physiotherapy, in both hospital and outpatient settings, since 2008.  He is licensed by the College of Physiotherapy of Ontario.  Pal is excited to be joining our team, as he has extensive experience in treatment of neurological, musculoskeletal and cardio thoracic patients.  He has a strong background and belief in preventive measures, as well as exercise regimens for musculoskeletal injuries.  His skills and techniques for such injuries, including sprains and strains, include treatments such as:
  • the Mulligan concept
  • the Mackenzie approach
  • myofascial release
  • muscle energy techniques
Pal is currently pursuing further education and learning of manual therapy, and has acquired several skills and techniques in this discipline, which he plans to utilize for the betterment of his patients.  Additionally, Pal will be pursuing studies and certification in acupuncture in the near future.
On the personal side, Pal has a lifelong interest in fishing, which he continues to enjoy to this day, and is looking forward to the fishing season here in Ontario.

He is fluent in Bengali, Hindi and English.

Fully Vaccinated.

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