Rehabilitation after a vehicle accident

Consequences of traffic accident injuries can be dire: limitation of movement - paralysis (monoplegia, hemiplegia, paraplegia, tetraplegia), circulatory disorders, muscle atrophy, reduced immunity, and general weakness. After an injury, the rehabilitation period is very long and requires a lot of strength and patience, of course, depending on the type of injury and damage.

After a traffic accident, the goal of the rehabilitation program is the rapid recovery of the body with the introduction of modern technology,  devices for rehabilitation, and the latest developments from the experienced staff of our Parliament Physio Clinic. In the process of rehabilitation after a traffic accident, a rehabilitation psychologist is included to help the patient overcome post-traumatic syndrome.


To effectively restore all functions of the human body after an injury in a traffic accident, our specialists have developed many rehabilitation programs aimed at the fastest recovery of your body. Through quality rehabilitation, it is possible to effectively restore the body's functions after craniocerebral injuries, spinal injuries, fractures of limbs, etc.
Besides competent and correct rehabilitation, a person can learn to cope with the irreparable consequences.

Essential steps to facilitate a smooth MVA claim submission: 
  • Contact your insurance company to report your accident and any injuries that you may have sustained. If you were not the driver or were outside of the car during the accident, the driver’s insurance company is responsible for funding your health care needs. The claims adjuster will mail you an Accident Benefits Application Package and help you through the process of completing the necessary forms. 
  • Call us to book an initial assessment and provide us with your insurance company name, adjuster’s name and phone number, as well as an accident claim number. Your Registered Physiotherapist will assess the extent of your injuries and submit their assessment for your MVA claim on your behalf. 
  • Our front-desk staff will coordinate with your insurance adjuster to ensure that your insurance forms are completed correctly to make the administrative process of a motor vehicle claim as smooth as possible. 
  • If you have private extended health benefits, you are legally required to use these benefits first to cover your rehabilitation, with the remainder of your treatment cost to be covered by your MVA claim.

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